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Welcome to Moyhu Wagyu

Moyhu Wagyu is located at “Leatarn” in the Meadow Creek Valley. The property is in the foothills of the Victorian Alps and located approximately 16 kilometres from the township of Moyhu. Meadow Creek runs through this valley which runs parallel to the King Valley. The King Valley area is renowned for its fine wines and foods.

Leatarn is the main property where all of the embryo transfers and artificial inseminations are done. Other properties include Bartons, Sampsons, and Regent Park. Total area is 2,150 acres / 860 hectares of high rainfall country with an average yearly rain fall of 38 inches / 950mm.

Moyhu Wagyu currently run approximately 550 Wagyu full blood breeders. Cattle run on a mix of improved pastures based on rye grass, phalaris and clover with some native grass pastures.

Moyhu Wagyu have registered fullblood bulls for sale throughout the year.

With approximately 550 fullblood Wagyu breeding females Moyhu Wagyu can select from the best of these females for the production of bulls with pedigrees that best suit a breeding program to produce cattle that feedlots accept.

Most of the fullblood Wagyu cattle have a high percentage of Tajima blood while others have some Fijiyoshi (shimane) and Kedaka blood to avoid too much inbreeding and help keep frame size while not sacrificing meat quality.